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Windows 10

First, SCONE-based applications run on top of Linux. We actually support multiple flavors like Alpine Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora and RHEL/Centos. Our recommended distribution for SCONE-based application is Alpine Linux since it is ideally suited to run in contains.

Second, you can run SCONE-based applications on top of Windows 10/HyperV hosts by running a Linux VM. You can test this by running SCONE-based applications in simulation mode in a Docker engine - which runs on Windows 10 systems with HyperV support.

Of course, you would like to run your applications in hardware mode. To do so, you need to give your Linux VM access to SGX. You can follow our Windows tutorial to learn how to install Alpine Linux and to run SCONE-based applications on top of Windows 10.

Note that these SCONE-based applications run with paging on, i.e., the memory size of these applications can be as large as 32GB on current CPUs and much larger on future CPUs.