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SCONE Community Version

The SCONE community version provides you access to most features of the SCONE platform. The community versions can help you to see if the SCONE Confidential Computing Platform is the appropriate choice for your application. You can also develop with the help of the SCONE community edition. The community is not intended for production and is provided as is.

The commercial SCONE versions provide you not only support but also more features.

  • to improve the security of SCONE-based applications, and
  • the ease of use to build and install applications. For example, tuning SCONE-based applications requires skills since there are multiple tuning parameters. We provide an application tuner as part of the SCONE commercial offering.
  • intended for production and development.

In the future, we plan to describe also the commercial features on this website.

Getting access to the Community Version

Just register a free account on