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Curated Python Images (Standard Edition)

We maintain for all official, Alpine-Linux-based Python images a sconified version, i.e., a version in which the Python engine is executed inside of SGX enclave.

These images are only accessible for paid subscribers.

Our naming scheme for these Python images is based on the naming scheme as the official Python images. These images have the following naming scheme:


The PYTHONVERSION is currently between 3.5.10 and 3.9.0rc2 and the ALPINEVERSION is between version 3.7 and 3.12.

We maintain for each of these images a sconified version, in total more than 200 images. The naming scheme of the sconified images is as follows:



  • MAJOR is incremented when some breaking change happens like an underlying protocol changes or we disable some deprecated feature,
  • MINOR is incremented whenever we add a new feature that is backward compatible, and
  • PATCH is incremented whenever we fix some bug or cleanup the code.

One can select with which version of SCONE by specifying

  • no SCONE version: use the latest SCONE version. Example: sconecuratedimages/python:3.8.5-alpine3.12 contains Python 3.8.5 running on Alpine Linux 3.12 with the latest SCONE version.
  • only major version: use the latest SCONE version of a given major version. Example: sconecuratedimages/python:3.8.5-alpine3.12-scone4 contains Python 3.8.5 with the latest minor and patch version for major version 4 of SCONE.
  • major and minor version: use the latest patch level for a given SCONE version. Example: sconecuratedimages/python:3.8.5-alpine3.12-scone4.2 contains Python 3.8.5 with the latest patch level for SCONE 4.2.
  • full version: use a given patch level for a given SCONE version. Example: sconecuratedimages/python:3.8.5-alpine3.12-scone4.2.1 contains Python 3.8.5 with patch level 1 for SCONE 4.2.