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The SCONE platform is commercially supported by

The SCONE platform has been developed at the Systems Engineering group at TU Dresden in the context of the following EU H2020 projects:

  • Sereca which investigates how to use Intel SGX enclave in the context of reactive programs written in Vert.x.

  • Secure Cloud which focuses on the processing of big data in untrusted clouds.

The first paper about SCONE has been published in OSDI 2016 with our colleagues from Imperial College London, Technische Universit├Ąt Braunschweig and University of Otago. More papers about SCONE can be found here.

We investigate use cases and extensions of SCONE in the context of the following EU H2020 projects:

  • SELIS: we investigate how to secure data processing within a Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space with the help of SCONE.

  • ATMOSPHERE: a new EU project in which we address secure data management services. This will help to extend the SCONE platform.

  • LEGATO: a new EU project in which we address high integrity computations inside of enclaves to be able to detect and tolerate miscomputations inside of enclaves.

Computing Resources can provide access to SGX-capable machines.

Consulting Services provides consulting services as well as helping you to port your applications to SGX.


If you want to evaluate the SCONE platform, want to rent some SGX-capable computing resources, need SGX and SCONE-related consulting, or have some technical questions, please contact us at

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