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Execution Modes

To simplify not only getting started with SCONE but also using SCONE, we support multiple ways to develop and run SCONE-based applications. Depending on what execution mode you want to use, you need to install different software components.

Execution Modes:

SCONE Transparent File Encryption

SCONE Hardware Mode

  • host mode: compile inside of a container and execute on the host.

SCONE Host Mode

  • Dockerfile: build program and container image with the help of a Dockerfile.

SCONE Host Mode

  • iExec platform: you can run your SCONE application on the iExec platform.

Language Support

After gaining access to the SCONE container images1, you can compile and run the hello world program as shown in this section. After that, check out how you could automate the compilation with the help of a Dockerfile.

If you want to run applications languages not supported by GNU gcc compiler, please read the descriptions in the appropriate section in menu Language Support: in addition to C, C++, Fortran, GO and Rust, we also support Python, Java, and JavaScript/Node.js. Please send us an email if you need access to another programming language.


We might use some terms in the SCONE documentation that we do not explicitly introduce. We maintain a Glossary that defines some of the important terms that we use within the SCONE technical documentation.

  1. You need to gain permissions to be able to run the examples given in this documentation. Please register a free account at