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Kubernetes Dashboard

You can use the default Kubernetes dashboard to monitor your confidential applications. For an application-orient view, you can use Kubeapps. For a performance-oriented view, you can use TEEMon.


  • A Kubernetes cluster
  • kubectl is properly set up


Install the dashboard with kubectl:

kubectl apply -f

Start the kubectl proxy:

kubectl proxy

The dashboard can now be viewed at:


You need a token to use the dashboard. You can create the token to be able to log into the dashboard as follows:

  • Create a Cluster Admin service account (if you have not done so)
kubectl create serviceaccount dashboard -n default
  • Add the cluster binding rules to your dashboard account
kubectl create clusterrolebinding dashboard-admin -n default --clusterrole=cluster-admin --serviceaccount=default:dashboard
  • Get the token
kubectl get secret $(kubectl get serviceaccount dashboard -o jsonpath="{.secrets[0].name}") -o jsonpath="{.data.token}" | base64 --decode

Application Monitoring

In the Kubernetes dashboard you can monitor various workload characteristics and identify issues in the workload. Like in this case, some services did not start:

Kubernetes Dashboard