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Host Execution

We now show how one can compile a simple hello world program in a container and how to execute the program in the container in simulation mode and on the host in hardware mode.

SCONE Hardware Mode


In this example, we assume that you run on a host and have installed the Intel SGX driver and a docker engine. Driver installation is not strictly necessary: without the driver, the program will be automatically be executed in simulation mode on the host.

Detailed Description

We first need to start a container which includes the SCONE crosscompiler which is based on Ubuntu1:

docker run -it -v "$PWD":/src

We map the local directory of the host into the container (via option -v) to be able to executed the generated binary on the host.

Now execute the following command inside the container to create the hello world program:

cd /src
cat > helloworld.c << EOF
#include <stdio.h>
int main() {
    printf("Hello World\n");

Compile the program with:

gcc -o helloworld helloworld.c

You can run this program with some debug output in the container:

SCONE_VERSION=1 ./helloworld

This will print something like:

export SCONE_SLOTS=256
export SCONE_MMAP32BIT=0
export SCONE_SSPINS=100
export SCONE_SSLEEP=4000
export SCONE_HEAP=67108864
export SCONE_STACK=81920
export SCONE_CONFIG=/etc/sgx-musl.conf
export SCONE_MODE=sim
export SCONE_VARYS=no
Revision: 73cd5e415623f0947d635cad861d09bf364ce778 (Fri Jun 1 17:57:15 2018 +0200)
Branch: master
Configure options: --enable-shared --enable-debug --prefix=/mnt/ssd/franz/subtree-scone2/built/cross-compiler/x86_64-linux-musl

Enclave hash: 2805aa551a1019d86f33b6f14774a18792a5a3cc483d002782c9d851d851bf5a
Hello World

The output shows that SCONE is running in simulation mode: "export SCONE_MODE=sim"


Our patched docker engine automatically maps the sgx device inside of containers. In this case, the program would actually be executed in hardware mode.

Execution on host

Now, exit the container by executing:


On the host, you can now execute the generated helloworld program2. First, we need to ensure that there exists a SCONE configuration file. We store this in the local directory:

cat > sgx-musl.conf << EOF
Q 1
e -1 0 0
s -1 0 0

Now, we start the program with debug messages and using the configuration file in the local directory:

SCONE_CONFIG="$PWD"/sgx-musl.conf SCONE_VERSION=1 ./helloworld

In case your host has the Intel sgx driver installed, the output will show that it is executed in hardware mode on the host:

export SCONE_MODE=hw
Enclave hash: 2805aa551a1019d86f33b6f14774a18792a5a3cc483d002782c9d851d851bf5a
Hello World

If you do not have the sgx driver installed, the program runs in simulation mode.

  1. The Ubuntu crosscompiler creates static binaries that can run on a Linux host. 

  2. The host must run Linux.