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Java Confidential Hello World!

In this tutorial, we reproduce the same steps performed in the Scone Mesh Tutorial to show how to provide a simple cloud-native Java application with a secret such that nobody (except for the program itself) can access the secret.

The code of this tutorial can be found on github.

Java Support

Currently, we offer support for the Java versions (open JDK) listed below. To select a Java version, please specify it using the field build.kind in the service.yaml.template file:

  • Java 17: kind java
  • Java 15: kind java15
  • Java 8: kind java8

Declaring an Application

Your Java application should be declared as a build object in the service.yaml file. You must specify all files required for running your application as entries in build.copy. That includes JARs used as dependencies.

The classpath, if not provided in build.command (java -cp <classpath> ... or java -classpath <classpath> ...), is built up automatically and injected right after the keyword java in build.command. It is formed taking into account build.pwd (your application home), and all JARs files listed in build.copy.

NOTE: You only need to list in the copy section *.java and *.jar files. Your application will be compiled automatically.

NOTE: As of now, *.zip files are not supported as part of an automatically built classpath.

Simple Example with Dependencies

Suppose you have been working on a project containing the following structure:

│   service.yaml
│   │   dependency.jar
│   │
│   └───java
│       │
│       └───package
│           │
The structure above can be declared as follows.

   name: java-new-app
   kind: java
   to: $REGISTRY/java_new_app:1
   pwd: /java
   command: java
      - main/java/
      - main/java/package/
      - lib/dependency.jar
      sign: true

NOTE: As of now, a structured project must follow a* structure in which main is placed at the root folder of the project as shown in the example above. Of course, you can also place all files in the root folder of your project project, if you like.