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SCONE Custom Resources Quickstart


We assume that

Create Base Custom Resources: SGXPlugin and LAS, and CAS

You can install SGX Plugin, LAS, and a CAS instance with one command:

kubectl apply -f

This deploys a production CAS and all necessary SCONE base services. The CAS database is persistent.

No Fail-Over to other nodes

This CAS instance does support fail-over to another Kubernetes node. Such a fail-over requires the backup controller to be enabled.

Create Base Custom Resources: SGXPlugin and LAS

You can install SGX Plugin with kubectl:

kubectl create -f

LAS from the included sample manifests:

kubectl create -f

These two manifests have reasonable defaults and should work without any modifications for most deployments. The default Kubernetes namespace for the SGX Plugin and LAS is the namespace of the SCONE Operator. The default Kubernetes namespace of the SCONE Operator is scone.

If the defaults do not fit your requirements, you can customize the manifests described in the SCONE Custom Resource Definitions.

Create CAS resource

  • Install SCONE CAS to your cluster in production mode as follows:
kubectl -f create

This CAS will use a persistent volume for its database but does not support a fail-over to a different host.