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Patched SGX driver and Docker

For running together with the iExec platform, you need to install a patched docker engine as well as a patched Intel SGX driver for now. The reason for that is that the iExec containers are so far started without explicitly mapping the isgx device into these containers. The patched docker engine and the patched sgx driver will make the sgx device available to all Docker containers that run on that host.

To perform this installation, we provide a simple script. Ensure that this host does not contain any important data nor does it run any services, since this script will uninstall the current docker engine and replace it by the patched engine.

Note that you might need to provide your docker credentials to be able to download the LAS images: if the installation fails please log into docker and rerun the script. Also, you need to send us email that we can give you access to the LAS (local attestation service) image.

Ssh to the machine that you want to install and then copy the following statement and execute:

curl -fssl | bash

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